Beach Cruisers May Be Best Biking Choice

Whether you are on Sanibel Island, Daytona Beach, or Key West you will probably see tourist on bikes taking in the sites The bikes of choice for the recreational cyclist will usually be the beach cruiser. Selected for it upright seat position with a stable frame and wide wheel base, the cruiser is the most comfortable for leisurely flat terrain rides or simply to run an errand or two.

This bike was first developed by Schwinn Bicycle Company in 1933 and became widely popular through the 1950’s The cruiser was most often seen ridden by the paperboys and delivery boys of that era. As with all things in the 60’s, it saw a decline with the British invasion of the sports roadster or “English Racer”. It was the cruiser’s sturdy frame and balloon tires that inspired the design of the mountain bike with its all terrain capability in the 70’s. It became known as the beach cruiser bike due to its ability to handle different terrains and riding conditions.

The beach cruiser offers an ergonomic ride on a cushioned seat with longer handlebars and brakes that are controlled by the feet as opposed to the braking mechanism on the handlebars. The wider frame meant that the cruiser is heavier, therefore making it a slower ride and not for long distances or riding up hill. Cruisers are commonly only offered with single gear so therefore less maintenance required, this making it a less speed required task manager and simply a vehicle of leisurely cruising, touring or just practical transportation. The cruiser has become the bicycle of choice for the person searching for inexpensive reliable means of getting around. Check out this site to find out more.

In 1990 the beach cruiser made a comeback for its casual style. The modern Karamba day cyclist might select a beach cruiser with a retro look to it. That could be a steel expressive style frame with “Phantom” or faux gas tank that resemble those on a motorcycle, chrome fenders, white-wall balloon tires, rear rack and battery powered headlights. Possibly placing a white basket on the front, similar to what Dorothy placed Toto in while was frantically riding home being chased by the cruel Miss Almira Gulch.

Popularity of beach cruiser bike could be due to how it brings back many childhood memories. However the most likely cause of its revival is the lower cost to purchase and maintain due to its simpler design and non-tech engineering.

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